The Vision

So here’s what I envision offering to the public. First a little back-story. Growing up, my parents had a series of portraits on the wall of three teachers with whom we were familiar. All were done in the same style, framed individually, and looked great hanging together. I inherited these pictures and they were always works I considered inspiring due to their content and quality.

Recently I have been preparing to start illustrating a children’s book (shameless plug) and have upgraded some of my tools in order to set those wheels in motion. After starting on a couple initial panes of the book, I felt the need to walk my skill set around the block so to speak and do something that inspired me. I recalled the portraits I had on my walls all those years and set out to render a portrait in the same style.  I chose someone who had recently inspired me, Dr. Ron Paul. While going through this process, I interacted with my social network along the way and the reaction was greater than I expected. And what stuck out to me was that while I had done portraits in the past, I had not done them of a publicly recognizable figure. I know I have established a style by now that is recognizable and repeatable, but that wasn’t what people were reacting to. It was that recognition, that spark of identification, that was usually reserved for the few people who knew the subjects in my private portraits.

This is when it hit me. The value in these isn’t the personal gratification of having a portrait of yourself or someone you love drawn (which is nice too); it is in being inspired by the subject of the portrait. This is what those pictures on my parents’ wall had done for me. And this is what I want to offer to others. BUT this time, I want YOU to be able to pick those portraits that are on YOUR wall. Mix and match. Personalize your own “Hall of Heroes” to inspire you day after day.

I hope to continue to grow the collections of portraits I offer while maintaining the same style throughout. This way, no matter who you choose to match up together on your wall, they will look like they were part of a set!

Want just Steve Jobs and Tesla? or the Founding Fathers? or Martin Luther, Ghandi, and Einstein? You can choose the combination! (This is assuming I have already done the portrait.)

Best of all, if you would like to commission a matching portrait to fill out your collection of someone I haven’t done yet, you can always just pay to have it commissioned! And, if the portrait is determined to have resale value beyond the personal request, you will get a signed lithograph of the first print at a price lower than the original commissioned price.