I’m finally taking the time here to participate in the  full 31 day challenge of inktober. What is inktober you ask? It is a challenge that started on the internet In 2009 as a challenge to do one drawing a day for every day of October in order to improve your skill set it has done nothing but grow ever since. you can learn more about it here. Thanks to my good friend Gil Robles I was reminded that this was the first day of October by his submission. Since this is my 1st Inktober in which I had my cintiq companion 2, I made sure to jump on that bandwagon if it wasn’t released by the deadline for my current timezone. so here’s my first drawing of  which I tried to do as fast as I could since the first days key word is “fast”. I did this in under an hour.

the shofar awaits-inktober01

The Shofar Awaits

It is an illustration of a Watchman watching for the confirmation fire to be lit at the temple during the time of our Messiah. He has a signal fire next to him on the hilltop, torch in hand and he’s waiting to blow the Trump or shofar it is resting there on the pile of wood for his signal fire.

The title of this piece is “The Shofar Awaits” I thought it was appropriate since tomorrow should be the sighting of the new moon which will begin Yom teruah the Feast of Trumpets 2016